Twitter Improved Dark Mode will Launch Soon

Twitter launched its so-called dark mode a few months back.  This feature is actually called night mode which is actually a dark navy, rather than black or grey. This theme allows users to opt for the dark background with white text. But many users are not happy with it. They complain that the background of night mode is more blue than black. Twitter improve dark mode is much needed to get rid of current annoying so-called dark mode.

Twitter Improved Dark Mode will solve many Problems

A Twitter user told CEO Jack Dorset that the background colour of night mode is very annoying and “Weird blue”. On this Dorsey replied” will Fix”. So it means soon users will be able to see the improved Night mode.

According to CEO Jack Dorsey, a future update will bring a true black dark mode to Twitter on the web and its mobile apps. The actual dark mode prevents eye strain that occurs when users see a bright screen with black text in the night or in a room where there is low lighting. It will also save innocent kids from getting blind by phone.

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