Twitter Introduces Physical Security Keys to Ramp up Account Protection

As the world of technology is progressing day by day, security concerns are also coming to the surface every now and then. Keeping that in mind, the popular social media platform, Twitter is ramping up the security of your account by introducing the new physical security keys. It will provide the two-factor authentication method to access your Twitter account.

Twitter Introduces Physical Security Keys to Ramp up Account Protection

It implies that users can now use security keys with no backup authentication method required. This enables the users to keep their cellular number private and an OTP or message verification is not required on the platform anymore.

Before moving forward, I would like to explain what actually is a security key. Basically, it is a small hardware device similar to that of a USB. Security keys operate like physical keys but for users’ online accounts. They guarantee higher security and have built-in protection that saves your information even if used on phishing websites.

In a tweet, Twitter Support said,

A security key also offers additional security from phishing attempts by shifting protection to a hardware device.

The utilization of a security key as a two-factor authentication first started back in 2018 for Twitter users. At that time, it was only available for PC users. But as the smartphone penetration increased, the feature has been rendered across Twitters’ IOS and Android mobile applications as well. However, the current development will allow users to register multiple security keys for a more secure Twitter account.

Another interesting feature of the security keys is that they can differentiate legitimate sites from phishing ones and block hacking attempts that SMS or OTP codes would not.

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