Twitter is Working on Community Tool to Share Tweets with Selected Audiences

Back in February, as part of its Analyst Day presentation, Twitter previewed a new, groups-like option called ‘Communities’. According to some latest reports, Twitter has started developing the Community tool. The feature will let users share their tweets within selected sub-groups of users, as opposed to sharing with everybody.

Twitter is Working on Community Tool to Share Tweets with Selected Audiences

According to SocialMediaToday, rather than simply tweeting to all of your followers, as normal, this new feature would enable you to select a specific audience for each tweet. That could enable Twitter users to engage with a wider breadth of topics and interests, without being concerned about boring all of their followers with irrelevant updates, or more extreme, having to create separate Twitter profiles for different purposes.

The new feature will suppose to work as an alternative to Facebook’s groups. It will provide a more private option, which would enable users to interact with users around dedicated interests.

In simple words, just like we can select the people while sharing our status on WhatsApp. But it will not disappear after 24 hours. Anyhow, this feature is really helpful while keeping your life more private. Soon, users will be able to decide with whom they want to share their tweets.

Just recently, Twitter has announced it’s opening up its live audio chat rooms, known as Twitter Spaces, to users on Android. Twitter is also aiming to make its live audio feature, Space, available globally by April.

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