Twitter Launches Election Hub with Voting info in English & Spanish 

Twitter is launching an election platform as the balloting and presidential elections are expected in less than two months. This election hub is aimed to provide all the latest news and updates regarding elections.

With the ease of use, the hub will appear at the top of the Explore tab for US users. This hub will show all the significant Twitter moments collecting from reporting news channels. It will engage its users with the latest voting news, noteworthy events happening, live video streaming of the candidates during debates, and of course, local news. English and Spanish will be the primary medium for this hub.

According to the company’s statement, with this election hub, Twitter aims to give power to every educated and eligible person to participate in the 2020 US election. Its principal focus is to provide information about the election, helping people get them self-register for voting. It gives a platform to quickly understand the election process and get to know about their balloting choices to cast their vote easily by making the right decisions.

Twitter Launches Election Hub with Voting info in English & Spanish

Up to the Election Day hub will provide the voter with full education of public announcements using “information from non-partisan government and voting advocacy organizations.” It will help the voter’s information about the unavailable ballot and proper guidance for the pandemic’s voting process.

Twitter manages this election hub with great responsibility, as it is trying to control and minimize the false, misleading information and news related to the election. Due to incorrect information about voting and politicians, including President Trump, the company banned political ads last year.

Facebook, Instagram, and last but not least, Snapchat is also in this league to provide a platform for the voters from their ends. The voter information centre will be displayed by Facebook at the top of Facebook and Instagram feeds. Further, Facebook announced that it would stop showing political ads before elections to minimize the misleading information, and Snapchat will introduce in-app voter awareness tools to cast their vote.

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