Twitter ‘Lights Out’ Dark Mode is Coming to Android by Mid-September

Nowadays, so many apps have rolled out dark modes as it is getting popular among the users across the globe. Twitter has also introduced the dark mode for the users generally preferring dark backgrounds. The company has a type of dark mode that makes the background a dark shade of blue. However, a full dark mode for Twitter, called ‘Lights Out’ is also available for iOS and the desktop web version of the service, Now according to the recent reports that the micro-blogging service is planning to introduce the Lights Out mode to Android by mid-September. Twitter ‘Lights Out’ Dark Mode was much demanded.

For now, there is no other information on the mode is available. iOS got the light out mode back in March that offers the option to have a fully black background in the app for the users.

What will be the Advantage of Twitter ‘Lights Out’ Dark Mode?

Twitter’s ‘Lights Out’ Dark Mode brings a number of advantages especially for the smartphones having OLED screens. These screens convert the individual pixels to display true black in time of need. Furthermore, it also saves battery life as pixels displaying black don’t need to be powered. In case you are spending a lot of time on the Twitter app, the ‘Lights Out’ will improve battery life. Users prefer to use a full dark mode just because it does not put an extra burden on the eyes.

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