Twitter Might Allow Users to Edit Tweets Soon

The social networking service Twitter, keeps it’s trend of introducing new features. This time Twitter Might Allow Users to Edit Tweets Soon. This feature will allow users to edit their sent Tweets.

On Thursday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey indicated that his company is working on allowing users to edit their tweets in the future. 

Dorsey said that Twitter is “thinking a lot about” conveying editing functionality to tweets. He further added that “a form of edit” was necessary.

Twitter Might Allow Users to Edit Tweets Soon

Dorsey made these statements as part of a kind of unprepared public town hall with Twitter users, requesting them for feedback on how to make the best out of the service. The demand for an edit button for tweets came up many times, and Dorsey appeared to sign that the company is gearing towards a time-limited window to permit for the correction of mistakes after a tweet was sent.

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Letting users to edit tweets they sent hours or days after the information would lead to a more problematic explanation, Dorsey debated, counting the need for a change log to provide users the facility to review different kinds of the same tweet.

Users constantly asked Dorsey to boost Twitter’s fight against hate and provocation, which has been a main point of argument in the past. Twitter has long sided with free speech supporters, and users often protested that defilements of the company’s terms of service weren’t being dealt with. Though, this year, Twitter did wader some prominent conservative radicals off its platform. Dorsey also said that bringing more transparency to these efforts was a “big precedence” for Twitter.

During the session, Dorsey discussed other forthcoming product changes as well. Some of the features he recommended as desirable involved calmer comestible tweet storms and better winding of conversations. He also said that the company is working on modified breaking news alerts and better direct messaging.

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