Twitter Privacy Check: The App now allows you to hide your account

Twitter has offered a few new ideas for preserving user privacy, including a ” Twitter privacy check-in” tool that would allow individuals to stay safe on the site, as well as a means to conceal their accounts from searches if they are being harassed.

Users would be guided through a series of questions that would let them decide how visible or private they wish to be on the site.

‘Twitter Privacy check-up’ function is intended to educate users about the many privacy settings accessible on the platform. Many users are unaware of the numerous privacy options, and the privacy check-up will display all of them in one convenient location.

“For instance, you can choose who can see your tweets, who can send direct messages, and who may tag your photographs.

In addition, when a user with a protected account replies to an account that isn’t following them, Twitter may offer a reminder. Users will be able to change their account to a public account with the reminder, making their reply tweet accessible to everyone.


twitter privacy

Also, user account discoverability is another privacy feature that Twitter is looking at. In some cases, a user may be targeted and harassed by a group, and in order to cope with this, the person may choose to make their account private/hide or remove it entirely.

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