Twitter Redesigns itself to Get Faster Navigation and Cleaner Interface

To make the Tweet more supreme, Twitter Redesigns itself. This beta version often provide a glimpse of new features, and most of them are small. The most noticeable feature in the update is that the quill icon, which everyone knows you press to compose a tweet, was no longer an icon, but a single word: Tweet.

Twitter Redesigns itself to Get Faster Navigation and Cleaner Interface

The first new change is a new side navigation menu with profile, additional accounts, settings, and privacy. This brings all of Twitter’s various apps more in line with the current iteration of the service on Android.

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Every solid gray icon is now a lighter outline drawing. Headers now appear in bold, to help you navigate more easily. The home icon is still a birdhouse, but it lost the perch. Round avatars help distinguish users from tweets. Retweet and Like counters update in real time, letting you watch tweets go viral. And the reply button gave way to a speech bubble that Twitter hopes is clearer in its purpose.

Finally, Twitter on Android, iOS, and TweetDeck will get the new interface.

In its previous update, Twitter Adds Inbox For Direct Messages From Unknown People. All the users of twitter can either accept or delete any Direct Messages before they read them. Now you have two options, if you accept a DM from someone you don’t know on Twitter, the message will then be moved to the inbox. When message will move to your inbox that person will then know you have accepted and seen that message.

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