Twitter Suggests its 336 Million Users to Change Passwords

Twitter discovered a bug that stored the passwords of its users in an unprotected manner. Following this, Twitter suggested its users change their passwords.


After Facebook Data Scandal, Twitter User’s Data Leaked

Cheif technology officer, Parag Agrawal said that Twitter has fixed the issue but there are no clues that anyone had breached or misused the passwords. Still, for safe side, Twitter asked the users to change their passwords on devices.

Here is what company said:

Twitter protects passwords through hashing, a process in which actual characteristics of passwords are replaced with random letters and numbers. The bug allows the password to be kept in an internal log without hashing it so they can be stored in readable text format.

The company is presenting users with a pop-up window that includes a message about the bug and a link to their Settings page where they can change the password.

Jack Dorsey, Twitter CE0 also tweeted that it’s really important to check the internal defect as users privacy is most important.

Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted that:

After the data of people were misused with Facebook, This is the second time users are worried about their private data being misused. The social media companies should take all precautionary measures so that such incidents shouldn’t happen again. User’s data are your responsibility, handle it with care.

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