Twitter Suspends Around 636,000 Accounts for Pro-terrorism Content

Terrorism is not limited to a certain boundary or a single state. Unfortunately terrorism has become a global phenomena. That is why, now social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have also come forward and helping governments to curb terrorism. Twitter has announced its latest transparency report highlighting the suspension of 376,890 accounts during the Q2 2016. Twitter Suspends Around 636,000 Accounts for Pro-terrorism Content.

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Twitter Suspends Around 636,000 Accounts for Pro-terrorism Content

The officials of Twitter said that “the suspension figure has witnessed an increase of 60% over the last 6 months of period.”

With latest number of suspended Twitter accounts, now the total figure of blocked accounts have reached to 636,248.

The involvement of social media platforms in curbing terrorism is the result of government pressure on them across the world. The governments asked Facebook and Twitter to use technology tools and block all such accounts that prevails extremist attitude.

Twitter said that:

“Separately the number of government requests for user data rose seven percent from the prior six-month period, but affected 13 per cent fewer accounts.”

Twitter also announced that:

“The FBI had informed the social network it was no longer under a “gag order” that prevented the disclosure of five cases involving “national security letters” — special requests from the US law enforcement agency in national security cases.”

Facebook is also actively involved in removing “hate speech” from its platform. The involvement of technology in curbing terrorism will definitely help the governments in “war against terrorism”. Let’s hope for a peaceful world.

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