Twitter to Introduces Super Follows & Communities features

Twitter is going to introduce two new features, the one is ‘Super Follows’ which is the company’s first premium feature while the other one is ‘Communities’. With the help of super follows feature, all users will be able to charge their followers for access to special content.

According to the verge, “that could be bonus tweets, access to a community group, subscription to a newsletter, or a badge indicating your support. In a mockup screenshot, Twitter showed an example where a user charges $4.99 per month to receive a series of perks. Twitter sees it as a way to let creators and publishers get paid directly by their fans.”

Twitter to Introduces Super Follows & Communities features

Now the direct payment tools are becoming essential for creators. Patreon has become popular among the users, and other platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and even GitHub have also introduced direct creator payment features.

 Well, let’s see how media outlets will react if their journalists put some of their work-related tweets behind paywalls and, generate extra amount.

That’ not all, the Twitter not only has introduced paid subscription service Super Follows but during its Analyst event, it also announced new feature called Communities.

With communities feature, people can create and join groups around specific interests such as cats or plants. According to Twitter, the feature will allow users to see more tweets focused on their interest.

There is no information yet that when these features will be available. During a presentation for analysts and investors, Twitter listed them as “what’s next” for its platform.

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