Twitter to Test a Morning News Brief

Twitter is planning to introduce a new feature that will facilitate you to catch up on news, a first thing in the morning. Currently, the update is in the testing phase in the Android app of the company. It will place news stories at the top of your timeline, along with a prompt.

Twitter to Test a Morning News Brief

The purpose behind designing this app is that people can find news easily. The news will prompt with Good morning heading that shows that it’s meant to be a kind of morning news brief.

Twitter product manager Wally Gurzynski said:

“People come to Twitter every day to catch up on what’s happening and all the surrounding conversation. With this update, we’re making it easier for people to see the news and stories their followers have been discussing while they’ve been away – right at the top of their timeline.

This latest feature is different as it is to be more focused on news stories instead of tweets that are very popular and interested. It is unclear yet whether the company is making this feature permanent or not. The company is currently testing a ton of other new features too that will make easier to follow specific conversations.

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