Twitter will now Notify you if a Tweet is Removed Due to a Rules Violation

Twitter is changing the way you delete a Tweet. Now the company will notify users if their Tweet is Removed due to a violation of Twitter rules.
Previously people used to get confused due to the missing tweet. When the Twitter will finally launch this new feature, a tweet removed because of violation will be replaced with a notice:

“This Tweet is no longer available because it violated the Twitter Rules. Learn more.”

The message will be followed by a link to the Twitter rules and an article that will explain how Twitter is enforcing the regulations.

Twitter will soon indicate if a reported tweet is Removed

The notice will be seen on the author’s profile page and on the tweet for the period of 14 days.
If a user will Report a Tweet on Twitter, they are not going to view it again. Now the Twitter will cover up a Tweet that you have reported with a notice that states:

“You reported this Tweet.”

If you want to see it again, tapping on the notice will allow you to do so. This new feature will arrive for all those users who have the updated version of the Twitter app and website.

You no longer have to view a Tweet that you've reported to Twitter

Here is brief explanation of Twitter New Feature:

It’s not a prominent change but Twitter is doing it in order to enhance transparency when it comes to moderation.
Just a few days back, Twitter users were getting mysterious notifications that were annoying people.

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