Two More Samsung Foldable Phones to Land in Smartphone Market

The Korean tech giant, Samsung has launched a foldable smartphone just a few weeks back. However, Huawei won the overall market by launching its foldable Mate x which was far much better than Galaxy Fold. Even in an interview, Huawei CEO said that the design of Samsung foldable device is bad. Maybe due to this reason, Samsung is going to launch two more foldable devices soon.

Both the foldable phones have different designs compared to the upcoming Galaxy Fold. Galaxy fold has one small screen outside, however a large screen inside. This device unfolds like a book however the upcoming device is just like Huawei Mate x as it is said to be a vertically-oriented clamshell phone with a smaller external display.

Samsung said to be working on at least two more foldable phones

The new foldable Samsung phone is expected to release in early 2020 according to Bloomberg. While the upcoming devices are under manufacturing, Galaxy Fold will officially release in April.

Samsung and Huawei are not the only brands who are manufacturing the foldable phone. LG, Huawei and OPPO are also making their foldable line and am sure with time their devices will be better equipped with better technology and ideas.

No doubt, Foldable smartphone is something new and is based on latest technology. Although both the companies are launching finished end products for consumers to buy however for the end users they are not worthy enough. Many would be thinking why? The answer is clear and easy. Both the devices are the first generation of foldable. In actual these devices are the outcome of “a race for the most innovative smartphone brand”.  Surely, in the coming years, foldable smartphones will improve in terms of technology. Until then, according to us Mate 20 pro, S10+, iPhone XS are perfect to spend your money on.


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