UAE lifts ban on Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Slack and Other services

Coronavirus has pretty much disturbed our lives, and we are still bearing its crisis right now. The biggest challenge that we had to face is working remotely. As we were actually not prepared for such circumstances, it was initially very tough. So most of the companies started remote working with a full bang. For remote working, we require several apps that might be helpful for conferencing and meetings and task assigning and reporting. Following the ongoing circumstances, UAE officials have decided to lift ban on Skype Google Hangouts Meet, Cisco Webex, Avaya Spaces, BlueJeans and Slack. All these services were blocked in the country previously due to privacy concerns.

After this decision, UAE government has also lifted up ban from VoIP services such as Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Zoom and Blackboard available. This decision of the country is taken to facilitate people in the current situation when they can’t go out of the home to work. Furthermore, by using these features, more people will stay at home and follow UAE decisions to restrict movement between 8 PM and 6 AM till April 5.

UAE lifts ban on Skype and VoIP Services

UAE has a unique bustling economy, and it has also welcomed much foreign investment. The government was left with no choice but to open the services for people so help them stay connected; however, one question still remains unanswered, for how long these platforms will remain operational in UAE. As UAE has always remained stubborn when it comes to lifting the ban in these services, it might be possible that they will be banned once again anytime soon.

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