Finally UAE Unblocks WhatsApp Voice and Video Calling Feature

No doubt WhatsApp is the most commonly used Application across the globe but unfortunately due to some reasons the people of UAE were unable to use the voice and video calling feature of WhatsApp. Now Finally UAE Unblocks WhatsApp Voice and Video Calling Feature. The news appeared on many technology blogs today.

Source: Forbes

Finally UAE Unblocks WhatsApp Voice and Video Calling Feature

Note: We have checked WhatsApp video and voice calls to Dubai ourselves and it is working !!!

This change came with still no official announcement from country’s Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA). These features were previously been blocked because these are Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services; which connects free calls via Internet as opposed to the paid phone calls via a telecom company.

The exact reason for the unblocking is still unknown but we can say that the removal of ban on Skype (in 2017) and now allowing WhatsApp voice and video calls indicates that UAE is moving towards free internet communication services. Although, iPhone’s FaceTime is still blocked in Dubai.

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