Uber for Drone Owners

Drone owners can conveniently transform their hobby device into money. A new business that can utilize your hi-tech play-item into income source where Drone owners recorded videos can provide Ariel data to prospect business clients. Just like what Uber has started to offer to car owners.

Uber for Drone Owners

DroneBase’s has introduced new Pilot Program  that lets drone owners find gigs nearby .They can fly 10-minute missions, upload the videos, and get paid  if a DroneBase clients wants to buy that captured information.

Such an activity will serve as employment opportunities for idle pilots .The unmanned vehicle can easily enable a variety of businesses to make use of relevant aerial data,without them owning the drones.Thus making the idea feasible on both sides of owner as well as client.

Drone Owners prospect clients 

Clients include businesses like;

  • construction companies
  •  hotels
  • real estate companies
  • insurance companies
  • mining
  • telecom infrastructure owners
  • solar companies etc.

Clients can put a request for their needs, and DroneBase can dispatch a pilot with all the know-how  and hardware necessary to accomplish the mission.

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Expected Profits for Drone Owners

The  founder and CEO of drone base, Dan Burton has indicated that;Its been “really rewarding” to pay some pilots as much as $50,000 a year.

“80% of people who buy a drone, they go out and fly it three or four times, and then it’s collecting cobwebs in their garage” Burton suggests them to  Better  put them to use.

Also, DroneBase is on track to boost its revenue 700% from 2015 to 2016.

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