Uber Lite Pakistan: Now Save your Internet Data & Phone’s Space

Different Apps launched lighter version of their applications in order to make it easier for people who are living in internet deprived areas. Uber, the ride hailing service also joint the race by launching Uber Lite in South Asian markets in June 2018. Finally Lighter version of Uber is launched for Pakistan as well. Uber Lite Pakistan  is much smaller in size than its non-Lite counterpart. It will just take 5MB on Android. In addition to that, it also uses less power and significantly less data. Less data and power usage are generally much more important in developing markets where unlimited or even cheap data plans aren’t as prevalent. So, the roll out of Uber Lite starting in such countries does make a bit of sense.

Uber Lite Pakistan, Available for Download from Playstore

Uber Lite will also be loved by those people who have less space in their cell phones yet they want a ride hailing app installed in their phones in case of any emergency. Initially this app was only launched for developing markets of India but slowly the company is extending it to other markets as well. Now Uber Lite in Pakistan can be downloaded from Playstore.

Uber Lite has exactly the same functionality and features as Uber full sized app. One will be easily booking ride in the same way and same ride tracking feature, promotions and set up payment options are available in the app. At just 5 MBs to download, the app is the size of a few selfies and is designed to work on most Android devices. However right now Uber Lite is not available for iOS users who will have to wait longer!

Download Uber Lite Android by searching for it on the Play Store or by clicking here.

Fizza Atique

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