Uber Refuses to Remove Self Driving Cars from San Francisco

The tech giant Uber, completely confronting the demands of DMV California, has decided to test out their self driving cars in San Francisco without receiving the proper permits. Uber Refuses to Remove Self Driving Cars from San Francisco.

Uber Refuses to Remove Self Driving Cars from San Francisco

The California DMV has issued a cease and desist letter, ordering the app to stop testing self driving vehicles in the state of California. However the firm will continue to test self driving cars, believing that there is no difference between present automated vehicles on roads and their own.

According to Department of Motor Vehicle California, Uber should take a permit to test its autonomous vehicles. But Uber contends that its vehicles aren’t independent at all and therefore it doesn’t need a permit.

Anthony Levandowski, the lead of Uber’s self driving car said:

We respectfully disagree with the California Department of Motor Vehicles legal interpretation of today’s autonomous regulations, in particular that Uber needs a testing permit to operate its self-driving cars in San Francisco

This feud began when Uber started testing its self-driving cars with the public. One of the vehicles was seen running a red light as a pedestrian entered the crosswalk. According to Uber, the incident was due to human error as the automated driving feature was not enabled at the time.

Levandowski kept on comparing Uber’s self-driving cars to Tesla’s self-driving technology. He argued that when Tesla owners don’t need a special permit to drive their cars, so why should Uber engineers who presently sit behind the wheel of Uber’s self-driving vehicles?

The California DMV did not respond to request for comment on whether it was planning to initiate legal action. Despite the DMV’s order, Ubers self-driving testing cars will remain on California roads for the near future.

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