Uber Riders to follow Mask Selfie Verification Feature

The novel coronavirus is under control now and most of the countries have lifted lockdown and asked the citizen to carry on the necessary operations while following all the SOPs. While all companies are trying their best to keep the employees and customers safe, Uber has come up with an exciting idea. The company has launched a Mask Selfie Verification Feature globally, which will verify whether the customers are wearing a mask or not. The same kind of feature was launched for Uber drivers in May.

The company seems to be strict when it comes to following SOPs to contain the COVID-19 virus under its initiative “No Mask No Ride”. This policy was initiated on May 18 for drivers and now extended for unlimited time till the Pandemic is no more. It means now drivers and riders, both will have to wear face-covering masks during the ride.

Uber App’s New Mask Selfie Verification Feature Holds Riders Accountable

Drivers are ordered to take selfies with masks every day before starting work. Both drivers and riders will have the authority to cancel the trip if the other party is not wearing the mask and the best thing is that they will not be penalized for it as well. If any of the parties fail to comply with the regulations, it can lead to account deactivation.

Initially, this rider selfie feature will be launched in the United States and Canada by the end of September, and across Latin America, however, the company has promised to extend it to other regions after that. While the driver has to take selfie-and its compulsory for them, the case is different for the rider. They will be required to take selfies only when the driver reports that the passenger is not wearing a mask.

Sachin Kansal, Uber’s Senior Director of Product Management, said in an interview:

 “We definitely wanted to make sure that we are targeting this feature to riders who are maybe just coming back to the platform and maybe they’re not aware of … our (mask) policy,”

No doubt, it’s a great initiative from Uber to keep everyone safe.

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