UBER Safety ToolKit Launches for Drivers & Passengers Today

Today, UBER held a magnificent event in Dubai. The provider of ride-hailing service has launched UBER Safety ToolKit for Drivers & Passengers. The company ensures the safety of the passengers and drivers. Over the next few weeks, the toolkit will be rolled out to millions of riders and drivers. The app will be available across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Pakistan.

UBER Safety ToolKit will Give Safety to Drivers & Passengers

The Uber Safety toolkit will introduce amazing features. The purpose of the app is to increase transparency and to raise the bar on safety.
The Uber Safety toolkit will introduce the following features:

  • Emergency Buttons: With the help of emergency buttons, drivers and riders will connect with police at the time of emergency.
  • Trusted Contacts: Riders will be able to share their trips with up to five contacts. They will be able to customise their trip sharing preferences.
  • Safety Center: Users can find information on insurance, uber community guideline, and safety tips with law enforcement.
  • Share Trips: Through this feature, drivers will be able to share their trips and location with their friends and family.
  • Caller Anonymization: Riders and drivers will call each other by maintaining the privacy of their numbers.
You will be able to see these features in your app over the coming weeks. Well, there is more to come.

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