Uber Shows Empathy in the Covid-19 Chaos

Playing a part in saving humanity in the global pandemic, Uber initiated a help service to accommodate the public health officials. The famous ride-hailing company agreed on providing data regarding drivers and riders that may have come in contact with someone infected with Covid-19.

Uber Shows Empathy in the Covid-19 Chaos

This service will not be charged and is aimed to give Uber a better image in the market. The company had also issued an ad campaign that emphasized the need to wear a mask if riding Uber in the United States.

This feature is soon to be introduced in all the government health sectors of the countries Uber operates in. These departments will then be provided with data about the usage of service and highlight the affected ones that urgently need to be quarantined. This access to information of an individual can be held within a few hours as the officials of Uber consider Coronavirus as a situation of emergency that may result in the danger of death.

This can be viewed as a helpful tool in tracking the patients, hence the virus spread, as local health units in the United States that did not make use of the data had an outbreak of new infections. The US does also not have a mobile application to trace the chain of infected people.

Though there were inductions to interview the patients so that the transmitted individuals are identified. In this case, the data Uber is willing to hand over could effectively be used as larger groups of people can thus be quarantined and the spread could be controlled.

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