Uber to Introduce Safety Feature Globally

Uber was testing an interesting safety feature that allows its team to detect unexpected long stops or possible crashes with the help a smartphone’s GPS and other sensors such a gyroscope and accelerometer. That will no doubt, ensures the customer’s safety.

Now Uber has announced that the RideCheck safety feature is functional in the United States. The latest feature is working for all Uber riders and drivers in the US. However, the company has also confirmed that it is planning to expand it to more countries in the future.

Uber to Introduce Safety Feature

According to Uber:

In the event of a crash, it can also help expedite the insurance claims process. Also, the company promises improvements to the current technology through additional scenarios to RideCheck.

Uber already knows where and when the customers are riding and who is the captain driving the customers to the destination. With the help of new technology, now Uber can detect possible crashes or if a trip goes unusually of course.

Once the RideCheck starts working officially, both a rider and driver will get a notification asking if everything is alright. Either of the two can give the confirmation to the Uber that all is well via the app. Other than that, they are also able to take other actions such as using the emergency button or reporting the issue to the Safety Line.

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