Ubuntu Edge smartphone waiting for $32 million

Ubuntu Edge smartphone waiting for $32 million

Ubuntu, the software developer behind Linux OS, has announced plans to develop its first smartphone that will be a smartphone-PC hybrid – The Ubuntu Edge.

Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu) is planning to raise $32 million of funds in 31 days to produce 40,000 devices that will run both Linux and Android OS. The company has chosen Indiegogo, a crowd funding website to help it in raising funds for the upcoming smartphone.

[blockquote cite=”Canonical’s founder, Mark Shuttleworth”] Linux-based Ubuntu is different to other smartphone operating systems because it can run the same desktop applications as a PC installed with its software and it will have substantially more RAM than a typical high-end phone.


[notice]Major highlights are:[/notice] [list style=”list3″ color=”orange”]
  • A multi-core processor
  • A 4.5-inch 720p smartphone
  • 4GB of RAM 128GB of storage

According to the verge, Canonical reached over $1 million funding for the Ubuntu Edge in just first 5hours and the majority of funds were from the users who are interested in purchasing the device at its initial price i-e $600.

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