UK Team Finds AIOU Major User of Digital Technology

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) students have arose as chief users of digital technology in the educational sector, getting entrance to their academic programmes, course material and other pertinent data via Internet. Almost 1.3 million students depend on digital citizen network that associates them with their instructors and education’s sources.

UK Team Finds AIOU Major User of Digital Technology

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Educational approachability incalculably amplified in the latest years thanks to digital technology that makes the online learning more widespread and now the basis of knowledge is accessible at the peoples’ doorstep in each and every corner of the country, this was witnessed during a board discussion that was held to appraise an examination led on the drifts of information technology in Pakistan, by a group of researchers from University of Edinburgh, UK.

The talk was organized by the British Council Islamabad to evaluate and encourage digital citizenship in Pakistan. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Chairman Dr Syed Ismail Shah presided over the discussion session and spoke about the significance of information technology and the rising Internet amenities in Pakistan.

Zahid Majeed, AIOU’s senior academician informed the members that the Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Shahid Siddiqui has taken many initiatives in the current years to present substantial open online courses that are imparted through media-based information technology and mechanization system. Most of the information about the admission, examination and issuance of degree was being delivered to the students via Internet or text messages.

Many facilities connected to students and the university’s employees have been upgraded by insolent use of technology. The Internet also operates as key source for endorsing inventive applied research on society-related socio-economic problems.

The members were informed that AIOU’s 44 local campuses have been fortified with digital facilities. The university was concentrating on e-learning for communicating higher education, including MPhil and PhD.

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