UK to Remove All Huawei 5G Kits by 2027

The UK’s all telecoms businesses will remove the Huawei 5G kits from their networks by 2027 as they are being banned by Prime Minister Boris Johnson from buying new Huawei 5G equipment after 31 December.

The decision follows Washington’s sanctions with the claim of a national security threat. Johnson was under the pressure from US President Donald Trump and backbench Tory MPs and he had to make this decision. We can say that, in the 5G race, Uk decided to become a partner of the United States. This decision can delay the rollout of the country’s 5G by a year.

The UK to Remove All Huawei 5G Kits by 2027


Digital minister Oliver Dowden told parliament, “This has not been an easy decision, but it is the right one for the UK telecoms networks, for our national security and our economy, both now and indeed in the long run. By the time of the next election, we will have implemented in law an irreversible path for the complete removal of Huawei equipment from our 5G networks.”

The United State’s administration put the allegations on Huawei that it is having a close relationship with the Chinese government and army, and its equipment is co-opted for espionage purposes.

However, Huawei executives have denied these claims of spying and also requested all the governments around the globe to sign “no-spy” agreements.

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