Unlocked Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus Finally Support FM Radio

People still love to stream FM radio. Keeping in view this, Samsung has made it easier for Galaxy S9 & S9 plus owners to access FM Radio. This feature arrived in the latest update and will be loved by Galaxy owners for sure. Unlocked Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus versions are getting support for FM radio reception in their latest update.

Unlocked Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus in the US can finally access FM radio

So now you can listen to FM radio on the devices if you have wired headphones plugged in. This was spotted by Reddit users yesterday.

No doubt, Samsung has mistreated Unlocked Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus owners. The company has not even released any software update for these phones since they launched in March. A week back, Samsung realised this and rolled out the first OTA update for the devices.

Samsung partnered with broadcaster-backed app NextRadio back in January to bring FM radio support to its phones in the US and Canada. However, the software support didn’t reach unlocked S9 & S9 Plus devices.

Now as part of the new update, unlocked Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus devices are also getting security patches, which have taken longer to arrive compared to locked devices because Samsung typically gets carriers to certify unlocked updates before release.

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