UPaisa Step by Step Guide, Tips & Benefits for All Users

Digital payments in Pakistan are becoming increasingly popular as people feel more comfortable sending money through mobile apps. These apps enable users to perform day to day functions such as bill payment, balance recharge and more from the comfort of their home.

This has been the focus of UPaisa as well and for this purpose, it has launched a new mobile app which makes life easier and transactions quicker. The new UPaisa app is available for both android and IOS users. Users of all cellular networks can download the app, enter their CNIC, add a one-time password and create their own unique account on the UPaisa app.

Using the app, customers can transfer funds anywhere across the country, recharge balance for all telecom operators and pay bills from the comfort of their homes. They can also subscribe to their favorite Super Card family product, or, order the UPaisa debit card and have it delivered to their doorstep. Similarly, customers can pay by scanning MasterCard QR codes at any retail shop, restaurant or petrol station. Customers can make major payments of Government of Punjab using E-Pay Punjab services as well through UPaisa App. This includes making payments for vehicle token tax, traffic challans etc.

If you’re still figuring out how to access this app and operate it swiftly then here’s an easy guide for you.

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How to Open UPaisa Mobile Wallet Account?

To open a mobile wallet account you can download the app, enter mobile phone, then input CNIC number and CNIC issuance date, after which you will receive one time password. Once the OTP has been entered, you can set up their own custom PIN

Upaisa App Home screen introduction

On the home screen, you can find options related to fund transfer, balance recharge, debit card, bill payment and more. All these functions can be performed with a single tap.

How to Load Super Card Using UPaisa?

To buy your favourite Super Card, simply log into the UPaisa app and tap on the Super Card Family icon on the home screen. Select your desired Super Card and then enter the mobile number and tap to confirm.

Load Balance to Your Prepaid Network Using UPaisa App!

Prepaid load is made super simple through UPaisa app. Tap on the mobile load icon on the home screen. Select prepaid option and choose the desired network. Then enter the mobile number and confirm payment

Pay Any Network Postpaid bills Using UPaisa!

For a postpaid bill payment, select the option of mobile load on the home screen and choose the postpaid option. You can then select any network and enter mobile phone number and amount to be sent.

How to Pay Utility Bills Using UPaisa App?

Bill payment is now more convenient than ever with UPaisa app. Simply select bill payments option from the home screen, select the utility bill to be paid, these can include electricity, gas or phone bills. The next step is to select the company after which you will enter the reference number, mobile number and amount to be paid.

How to Transfer From One Wallet to Another?

Transferring money to UPaisa wallet can be done in a few easy steps. To perform this function, tap on the money transfer icon, select UPaisa wallet, enter the amount and the purpose of the transaction. Once the request is submitted, tap on confirm for the payment to proceed.

How to Transfer Funds to CNIC?

Money can be transferred to individual CNIC as well. Select money transfer option on UPaisa app home screen, tap on CNIC transfer, enter receiver’s CNIC number, mobile number and purpose of payment. Once the request is submitted, tap on confirm for the payment to proceed.

With these payment options and others, including transfers to Bank Accounts and QR Payments, lives of customers would be made easier and contactless payments will no more be a hassle. The application also includes FAQs, tutorials, help and agent locations to further assist customers as they conduct various transactions.

Strengthening the cashless payment structure in the Pakistani ecosystem has never been more crucial. The UPaisa app is a complete payment platform as it encourages it’s users to adopt the digital way of life in a convenient manner, thus supporting the Digital Pakistan initiative.

‘UPaisa karo aagay barho!’

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