Upcoming iPhone’s Battery Life May Extend Due To Change In Display Technology

Apple always tries to improve the working of their smartphones so that their handsets can stand first in the market giving a tough competition to its rivals. As we all know that Samsung released its massive battery phone, Galaxy Note 9 a few days back so, Apple is also considering a change in display technology in order to extend the battery life of its upcoming iPhones. They are considering to use the LTPO backplanes which may extend the Upcoming iPhone’s battery life.

Analysis By Research firm suggests the increase in Upcoming iPhone’s battery life using LTPO backplanes

Analysis from research firm IHS Markit suggests that Apple may consider a change to a low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) backplanes instead of the current low-temperature polysilicon thin-film transistor (LTPS TFT) currently used on its OLED displays.

The backplane of the iPhone is the part of the display which is used to turn the pixels on and off. It is responsible for the display’s power consumption, resolution and refresh rates. LTPO can reduce the power consumption of AMOLED screens. Therefore it can help in extending the battery life of smartphones. There are certain reasons behind Apple’s own backplane system creation without working with its OLED suppliers. They are written as follows:

  • More flexible OLED component cost and technology.
  • The reduced power consumption of Apple products.
  • High electron mobility for higher resolution of its displays.
  • Better management of display supply chain and that of its partner-display manufacturers.

Upcoming iPhone's Battery Life May Extend Due To Change In Display Technology

According to analysis, there will be an extension from 5% to 15% in battery life using LTPO. However, LTPO requires larger thin-film transistors. They need lower resolution screens. In addition to this, the larger photomask needed for this technology requires more expensive equipment. Moreover, the process of producing the components for LTPO is more complex but we all know that everything has some pros and cons. In order to extend battery life, the company will have to face these issues.

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