Update to Amazon Alexa app Makes it More Accurate and Quick

The digital assistant, Amazon Alexa that was launched in 2015, is second or third in the ranking list when other good assistants are compared. Google assistant, being the most used device, is ranked number one due to its accuracy and way of responding to questions. There is a tie between Apple’s Siri and Alexa, and both are on second and third positions with respect to the accuracy. It seems that Amazon is trying to acquire the first slot, and for that, it is bringing an update to Alexa App. For making it easier for users to access frequently used features in less time, It has made changes on the home screen to ensure quick process overall.

Update to Amazon Alexa app is coming to iOS, Android and FireOS

After being updated, the app is now faster and easier to use. It is because of the newly introduced Softwares that bring home screen things like alarms, recently played tunes, shopping lists, and more.

A new “more” tab is introduced, placed at the bottom of the navigation bar, open a set of new features like reminders, routines, skills, and many more settings.

This new update will be rolled out for Android, iOS, and FireOS over the next three months. It seems that by September, users will be able to enjoy the updated version of the Alexa App. This app helps users to manage Echo smart speakers, playing streaming music, control the smart appliances at home, hear the news and weather forecast, get the latest stock prices, sports score, Alexa Skills, and much more.

  • Download Amazon Alexa App for iOS by Clicking Here.
  • Download Amazon Alexa App for Android by clicking here.
  • Download Amazon Alexa App for FireoS device from Amazon Appstore.

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