US Embassy Organizes Tech Camps for People with Disabilities in Pakistan

David Hale, a US Ambassador of Pakistan visited a Tech Camp. This Tech Camp is aimed at providing learning capabilities to disabilities regarding technology in their daily lives. US Embassy Organizes Tech Camps for People with Disabilities in Pakistan.

American Embassy partnered with Special Talent Exchange Program to develop a two day camp. This camp featured sessions on the effective use of social media for advocacy and income generation, video filming and editing tools. Disable people were made aware of special Apps designed for persons with disabilities.

US Embassy Organizes Tech Camps for People with Disabilities in Pakistan

Ambassador Hale requested participants to take advantage of these technical skills to share their personal stories. He also asked people to spread awareness about the rights of individual with disabilities.

Ambassador Hale said:

“I hope you will take full advantage of the new technologies and tools that you discover during this camp. Technology can play a vital role in increasing access for disabled persons to information, employment, and opportunities for civic participation

Apart for this Tech Camp, US embassy has also taken several initiatives to empower Pakistani individuals with disabilities. It this regard embassy sent two groups of exchange program participants to US in collaboration with Mobility International USA and STEP to discover more about independent living in US.

During the Tech Camp, STEP Director Projects Abia Akram thanked the American Embassy for supporting the Tech Camp and other initiatives benefiting Pakistanis with disabilities.

Akram shared her views:

STEP appreciates the American Embassy’s long-term support for Pakistani individuals with disabilities. Through this Tech Camp, we are giving disabled individuals valuable new knowledge and tools that can improve the quality of their life and help them raise public awareness about the valuable contributions of persons with disabilities to Pakistani society

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