Tecno Pova 2 Battery Life Test, Charging Time & Battery Lab AI Features

Users Consider Massive 7000 mAh Battery as the Top Selling Point of the Tecno POVA 2

Recently, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Tecno has launched the successor of the Tecno POVA. The Tecno POVA 2 is a great addition to the budget smartphone arena. A number of tech experts have entitled the POVA 2 as the ‘King of Gaming’ at a budget price. The reason for the entitlement is obvious as the smartphone is equipped with the MediaTek Helio G85 chipset that is considered a valuable processor for gaming purposes. However, you will be astonished to hear that the gaming features are still not the top selling point of the POVA 2. Indeed, the humungous next-gen 7000 mAh battery is the best selling point of the Tecno POVA 2. Therefore, we are sharing the Tecno Pova 2 Battery life test with various aspects of the battery to prove why it’s considered the top selling point of the Tecno POVA 2? How long does the Tecno Pova 2 Battery Last and how long is its charging time?

Tecno Pova 2 Battery Life Test – 7000 MAh!

Why 7000 mAh is regarded as the top Selling point of the POVA 2? This Tecno Pova 2 Battery Life Test and Charging Time Tests will answer it for sure.

pova 2 battery life test
7000 MAh Tecno Pova 2 battery life test / battery timing test / drain test in various scenarios (Compared to the 6000 mAh)

As clearly demonstrated in the above-mentioned image, there is a drastic difference between the battery timing of the 6000 mAh battery as compared to the 7000 mAh battery. If we look at the call timings we see that the new 7000 mAh battery provides 28 hours of call time as compared to the 24 hours talk time provided by the 6000 mAh battery. Similarly, for gaming enthusiasts, you get a playtime of around 23 and a half hours with the 7000 mAh battery of the Tecno POVA 2. Well, that’s awesome. Simultaneously, if you examine other aspects such as using WhatsApp, Message, Email, Browser, Twitter, etc. you get an impressive time frame from the new 7000 mAh battery in contrast to the 6000 mAh battery.

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Tecno Pova 2 Battery Charging Time

Provision of the 18W Dual IC Flash Charger:

Pova 2 charging time test

The Battery charging time of the Tecno Pova’s 7000 mAh battery requires time for getting charged completely. However, in order to tackle that Tecno has rendered an 18W dual IC flash charger. So you must be thinking about what is meant by the dual IC charger. Well, the dual IC charger has a profound effect on the pace of the charger. In the above-mentioned image, you can clearly see the difference between the pace of an 18W single IC charger and the 18W dual IC charger. So the provision of an 18W dual IC charger is a great addition by the Tecno.

The Significance of the Battery Lab

Pova 2 charging time & Power saving battery lab

The Battery Lab is an HiOS (UI of Tecno smartphones) feature that encompasses Artificial Intelligence to properly optimize battery usage on a Tecno smartphone. The Battery Lab features an AI Smart Power saving feature along with the App power consumption management to perfectly optimize your battery usage. Furthermore, the Battery Lab provides a variety of options for battery optimization which are as follows:

Rendering Long Battery Life:

For an everyday method for saving power, the users of Tecno POVA 2 can choose how they want to bring down battery consumption on the basis of their own needs. Power-saving options meet the demand for long battery life without effecting the user experience.

Super Power Saving Mode:

For those users who are sensitive about battery consumption, Battery Lab provides a number of ways to save battery power. Users can choose from the methods provided, which meet the demand for long battery life.

App Optimization:

A specialized resource distribution strategy applied on Top 30 apps is utilized for short videos to enhance high-frequency experiences, such as activation, saving content, sliding, and switching.

Smart Power Saving Scenarios:

For the sleeping scenario, the user’s usage habits are examined so that as soon as any user sleeps, power consumption is reduced to save on battery life at night while the phone is idle.


All of the aforementioned aspects prove that without any doubt, the 7000 mAh battery provided in the Tecno POVA 2 with different cutting features is the smartphone’s top-selling point.

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