Valid Source Reveals New Leaked Samsung Galaxy S10 Features

A valid source reveals new exciting Leaked Samsung Galaxy S10 Features. The South Korean Financial website, The Bell has a record of keeping track of unannounced plans of device manufacturers. Yesterday The Bell issued a new report that revealed New Leaked Features of Samsung Galaxy S10. These features provide the key details about next-generation Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S phone.

Leaked Samsung Galaxy S10 Features: 5G, in-screen fingerprint reader & 3D face scanning

The report reveals the following information of Samsung Galaxy S10:

  • Galaxy S10 will bear codename “Beyond
  • Samsung uses codenames that describe goals related to upcoming phones. Samsung named Galaxy S9 “Star” as they considered it to be the star of the smartphone market in 2018
  • It seems codename “Beyond” will have the capabilities beyond imaginations maybe.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 will be equipped with extraordinary AI features
  • in- display fingerprint sensors/ scanners
  • 3D Sensing Module/ 3D face scanning

Old Leaked Samsung Galaxy S10 Features:

  • S10 will have a screen size of 5.8-inches
  • Galaxy S10+ will have 6.3-inches of display
  • S10 is a bit clunky
  • 3D camera sensing system which may capture the public imagination
  • Qualcomm and Synaptics will be developing the fingerprint scanner.
  • The S10 will mark Samsung’s tenth year of its popular smartphone
  •  Samsung Galaxy S10 will be the first smartphone to support super-fast 5G.
  • Galaxy S10 will Power with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855

In a recent report, published by Korea-based media publication, it is reported that the successor model of Galaxy S9 is going to be Samsung Galaxy S10. This successor model sets to include 3D face-recognition and in-display fingerprint feature as core features. For this purpose, Samsung will collaborate with a 3D camera startup – Mantis Vision. The news is that the upcoming flagship mobile will have a 7nm chipset and 5G connectivity as well. Samsung is all set to launch Galaxy S10 on its 10th anniversary, making it a trendsetter for the company.

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