VP of Dell Holds An Exclusive Media Session in Islamabad

Yesterday in Islamabad, Anothai Wettayakorn Vice President – Asia Emerging Markets (AEM) & South Asia Consumer Business Dell Technologies and Naveed Siraj General Manager, Pakistan & Afghanistan Dell Technologies held media session with the bloggers. In which they discuss all the future strategies of the company and future investment plans. The Vice President of Dell Technologies highlighted that the company’s investment will create employment opportunities for youngsters in Pakistan.

 Dell Exclusive Media Session in Islamabad

The Vice President answered the multiple questions asked by journalists and bloggers. He said that other than notebooks, laptops, and desktops, the Dell company is also planning to invest in some other tech devices in Pakistan.

Below are the questions that were asked in session:

  1. How has technology helped define human progress in tandem to the partnership between people and machines becoming more seamless?

Technology has helped define the human experience for millennia. We’ve come a long way since stone tools, but one thing has remained constant: technology drives our collective development forward, creating progress. It changes lives and opens our imaginations to new possibilities [TC1]. The nature of technology, however, is shifting. The partnership between people and machines is becoming more seamless, and the experiences are deeper, richer and more immersive than ever before. By 2030, every aspect of our world will be transformed –from how we live and work, to the economy and the environment.

Our commitment to progress runs long and deep. We have a robust set of corporate programs and initiatives and passionate talented team members committed to social impact. But we are not standing still – we are constantly working to evolve our approach. These things matter more today than they ever have in the history of our company. And they also matter to our customers and our team members.

Our secret sauce is made up of the passions and expertise of our customers and team members, and the power of our scale and broad technology portfolio.  We’re focused on doubling down on that secret sauce and applying it to the right set of priorities – when we do that, we have the power to solve some of the biggest unmet needs, facing our world.

  1. What has been Dell Technologies’ breakthrough innovation or sales pitch in Cloud tech this year? Any example of it in use at the moment?

Earlier this year, Dell Technologies has unveiled its Dell Technologies Cloud, a new set of cloud infrastructure solutions to make hybrid cloud environments simpler to deploy and manage.

Combining the power of VMware and Dell EMC infrastructure, Dell Technologies Cloud removes cloud complexity by offering consistent infrastructure and operations for IT resources, across public and private clouds and the edge, regardless of location.

According to IDC, more than 70% of companies are using multiple cloud environments, and the largest data center challenge most companies face is developing a successful multi-cloud strategy.2 Operating in multiple clouds has caused organizations to onboard many management consoles and disparate processes, which stifles innovation and adds complexity. The hybrid cloud approach is an ideal solution by offering a familiar management interface that extends across clouds for a simplified overall experience. With VMware research finding that 83 percent of cloud adopters are seeking consistent infrastructure and operations from the data center to the cloud3, the Dell Technologies Cloud is designed specifically to address this challenge. 

  1. We understand that Dell Technologies in Pakistan is working on a channel model? What is Dell Technologies doing for its partners in Pakistan?

With the Dell Technologies Partner Program, Partners now have the full weight of the Dell Technologies brand behind them. The program provides Partners with the competitive advantage of Dell Technologies, enabling them to do more business with transformational solutions. The evolved program provides simplified engagement for partners to cross-sell and procure products and solutions across the Dell Technologies family of brands.

  1. Within the subset of Cloud technology, what has been Dell’s core focus setting it apart from its competitors? A lot of companies are jumping into this field now, and competition seems stiff.

The Dell Technologies Cloud portfolio consists of the new Dell Technologies Cloud Platforms and the new Data Center-as-a-Service offering, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC. These enable a flexible range of IT and management options with tight integration and a single vendor experience for purchasing, deployment, services and financing. Dell Technologies Cloud gives customers more control as the operational hub of their hybrid clouds, on premises, with consistent cloud infrastructure across all cloud types and a broad set of more than 4,200 VMware Cloud Provider Program providers and hyperscalers.

This hybrid cloud approach is delivered through a powerful integration of hardware, software, services and consumption options from Dell, Inc., the No. 1 global revenue leader in cloud IT infrastructure,4 and VMware, ranked No. 1 in revenue of cloud systems management software based on IDC’s latest research.5

The Dell Technologies Cloud complements this core technology with a broad set of value-added services, such as security, data protection and lifecycle management. It helps ensure success through consulting, infrastructure deployment, management, support and education services while offering public cloud-like consumption of IT infrastructure.

Organizations deploying Dell Technologies Cloud can:

  • Increase agility – Employ familiar VMware tools to provision, govern, automate and orchestrate applications across multiple cloud deployment options. This gives organizations workload placement flexibility through a single operational hub across public, private and edge clouds, backed by a broad, global network of cloud service providers.
  • Accelerate innovation – Adopt the simple and quick path to deploy hybrid cloud. With VMware Cloud Foundation now available natively on Dell EMC VxRail, Dell Technologies Cloud Platforms offer the industry’s first jointly engineered, hybrid cloud infrastructure stack tightly integrated with VMware’s flexible, full stack HCI architecture. Customers also can opt to extend the cloud experience on-premises by deploying Dell EMC VxBlock 1000 converged infrastructure and Dell Technologies validated storage, compute and networking options.
  • Improve cloud economics – Manage applications seamlessly across various clouds while saving time and cost by eliminating unnecessary application re-platforming. Organizations also can align how they pay for IT with how they do business through a range of options to buy, rent or consume IT as a service through Dell Financial Services.6 IDC research found that Dell Technologies Cloud can reduce total cost of ownership by up to 47% compared to native public cloud.1
  • Help reduce business risk – Enhance confidence in operations through the delivery of IT services backed by built-in security and automated lifecycle management from the cloud vendor enterprises trust with their most critical workloads. Organizations benefit from the experience and trusted solutions of the industry’s top cloud IT infrastructure provider to improve service levels and deliver on business requirements.


  1. How do you feel digital city projects integrate with a city’s infrastructure development projects/programs? For example: How can this system be integrated into the on-going metro projects in Pakistan?
  • Connected Everything: 5G is far more than just a telecom play for Dell Technologies. We believe it will deliver massive transformational changes across all businesses and society. As a leader in digital transformation, we will help define the underlying infrastructure technology. 5G will spawn new business models that will see billions of devices consuming and generating data like never before.
  • Smart Cities: Many IoT sensors monitoring conditions like air quality and traffic control could be in difficult-to-reach and often dangerous locations, 5G wireless connectivity will allow for more flexible design and on-the-fly reconfiguration.

Edge, AI & ML: Everything will be driven by data and the need to capture, process and react to it in real-time. This will result in a massive increase in computing at the Edge, coupled with AI and machine learning.

  1. How is AI playing a part in digital transformation – and what is your take on the job market as a result of continuous AI incorporation in day to day business activities?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of today’s fastest-growing technologies. Used to derive valuable insights from mountains of data, AI solves problems far more efficiently and accurately than was previously possible with traditional programming techniques. AI is transforming science and businesses around the world from cancer research to virtual assistants to autonomous vehicles.

Initially led by universities, social media, e-commerce, and search service providers, due to the availability of data, the affordability of compute and the maturity of the algorithms and models, the use cases for AI technologies are now expanding into enterprises and governments. Yet, while roughly half of all enterprises intend to deploy, many aren’t sure where to begin, what data they need, or what infrastructure solutions and technologies will be required. Consequently, many organizations face daunting challenges as they consider launching AI initiatives. Selecting projects with attractive risk/reward ratios, preparing and possibly acquiring the required data sets, and mastering new technologies all require hard-to-find expertise.

The Dell family of businesses has considerable expertise in creating better business outcomes and innovation through data – the way it is accessed, catalogued, stored, protected, utilized, and put through its paces as part of an AI-driven process or algorithm. Further, the company’s breadth of industry expertise spans many sectors, including finance, healthcare, telecom, various start-ups, and supercomputing sites and more. Dell built its AI strategy and portfolio to support AI and machine learning (ML) innovations from those experiences, resulting in an organization that can:

  1. tailor offerings to the customer’s needs, wherever they may be on their AI journey, to support a practical AI roadmap to achieve business objectives;
  2. offer an end-to-end IT portfolio of solutions that bring AI and ML innovations to bear, spanning servers, storage, networking, software, services, and solutions for AI; and
  3. deliver bundled Ready Solutions for AI that can simplify configuration and management to accelerate time-to-value.
  1. There is a lot of rise of Edge and on-premise Computing. What is your view on it? 
  • The role of edge computing has radically transformed. Three years ago, edge devices collected and aggregated data before analysis and storage in the Cloud. Now, computing and real-time analytics are increasingly being managed at the Edge. Cost, latency and security are the three main drivers of this transformation.
  • The industry talks about many different types of edge computing, but the one we’re most concerned with is processing data close to where it’s created.
  • Right now, only 10% of enterprise-generated data is created and processed outside the traditional centralized data center or cloud, but Gartner predicts that figure will be 75% by 2023, spurred by the growth in IoT devices, estimated to be 125 billion by 2030. This means there will be 15 connected devices for every person in the world.
  • From a logical standpoint, the amount of data being processed at the edge will have to grow as it doesn’t make sense to have that volume of data move to the data center or the cloud.
  1. What has Dell Technologies done to make digital transformation accessible to startups? Digital transformation is perceived as an expensive proposition in developing markets like Pakistan, especially since access to high-quality investors is limited for startups. 

Dell Technologies Capital has been an active investor in more than 100 early-stage startups since 2012 with 38 successful exits, including five IPOs.

The team invests approximately $100M annually in startups around the globe with the mission of helping founders and their teams develop innovative technology solutions and bring them to market.

The Dell Technologies Capital team focuses on emerging technology areas that are relevant to the Dell Technologies’ unique family of businesses. Examples of Dell Technologies Capital’s investment areas include storage, software-defined networking, management and orchestration, security, artificial intelligence/machine learning, Big Data/analytics, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and DevOps.

Corporate Development enables the combination of exciting new ideas, technologies, businesses and people with Dell Technologies to accelerate growth trajectories and success. This includes strategy development, complex transaction structuring, mergers and acquisitions, market intelligence and divestitures.

Dell Technologies Capital offers experienced board members, deep technical expertise as well as access to the global scale, channel, OEM and go-to-market relationships that are unique to the Dell Technologies’ family of businesses. In addition, we provide access to industry-leading technologists, investors and company executives.

  1. What is Dell Technologies approach to Advanced Sustainability?

We all have to be stewards of the planet. Environmental concerns are top of mind all over the world.

eWaste has become the fastest growing waste stream in the world, and we’re doing our part. We offer customers recycling in 75 countries and territories.  Last month, we reached our 2020 goal of recovering 2 billion pounds of used electronics. We’re also on track to use 100 million pounds of recycled content or sustainable materials in products by Earth Day this April.

These are the goals we set in our 2020 Legacy of Good plan – a powerful way we’re bringing customers in to achieve progress. And we’re not standing still on our goals as we head into 2020…

You’ve heard about our innovations in the supply chain to address the growing issue of ocean plastics. We’re now collaborating with customers like GM and IKEA who also have deep commitments to address this issue.

These types of collaborations create a bigger impact.

Our approach focuses on three key strategies: sourcing ethically and responsibly, minimizing our footprint and innovating around the lifecycle of the resources we use.

  • As a global technology company, it’s our job to ensure our products are responsibly handled at the end of useful life.
  • Dell has the world’s largest technology recycler, with options in more than 75 countries and territories for both commercial and consumer customers.
  • We’ve collected more than 2 billion pounds of e-waste since 2008.
  • But what you may or may not know is that we’re collecting any brand of technology for you and reusing in new Dell products, fueling a circular economy for our entire industry…
  • We’ve scaled this program across 125+ new Dell monitors and desktops that ship globally. Last year we extended this process to our enterprise portfolio in Europe, recycling more than 35,000 lbs. of plastic from e-waste into new enterprise products.
  • We’re even piloting a program to use e-waste gold in new notebooks. There’s an incredible amount of value in our technology that can continue to find new uses and create new beautiful products.
  • We’re also constantly exploring new sustainable materials both in products and in our packaging portfolio.
  • We’ve created packaging from bamboo, wheat straw, mushroom and ocean bound plastics.
  • You’re likely aware of the marine plastics crisis. The fact that we’ll see more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050.

Our work w/ ocean bound plastics is an effort to intercept plastics that could leak into the ocean and put it back to work. The supply chain work we’ve done is open source allowing our industry peers and customers to leverage the learnings to create new use cases for the material. IKEA is one of our customers that we’re collaborating on this. 

The Dell Technologies Family of Brands

  • Dell
    • Our Client Solutions business consists of Dell’s Client Solutions Group. Offerings include branded hardware, such as desktop PCs, notebooks, 2-in-1s, IoT gateways and thin clients, branded software including endpoint and data security, and branded peripherals such as monitors, printers and projectors, as well as third-party software and peripherals.
  • Dell EMC
    • Our Infrastructure Solutions Group, operating under the Dell EMC brand, enables our enterprise customers’ digital transformation through our trusted hybrid cloud and big-data solutions, built upon a modern data center infrastructure that incorporates industry-leading converged infrastructure, servers, storage, and cybersecurity technologies.
  • Virtustream
    • Virtustream is a premier enterprise-class cloud company trusted by enterprises worldwide to migrate and run their mission-critical applications in the cloud. For enterprises, service providers and government agencies, Virtustream’s xStream management platform and cloud infrastructure-as-a-service meets the security, performance, efficiency and consumption-based billing requirements of complex production applications in the cloud – whether private, public or hybrid. Virtustream Managed Services for infrastructure, platform, and applications augment Virtustream Cloud with planning, migration, and management services to ensure a smooth transition to cloud. Mission-critical applications in Virtustream Cloud include SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, and many more.
  • Pivotal
    • Pivotal drives software innovation for many of the world’s most admired brands through its use of cutting-edge software development methodologies, modern cloud platform, and analytics tools. After shaping the software development culture of Silicon Valley’s most valuable companies, Pivotal today leads a global technology movement transforming how the world builds and runs software.
  • RSA
    • RSA offers business-driven security solutions that uniquely link business context with security incidents to help organizations manage risk and protect what matters most. RSA solutions are designed to effectively detect and respond to advanced attacks; manage user identities and access; and reduce business risk, fraud, and cybercrime. RSA protects millions of users around the world, is recognized as a leader in four Gartner Magic Quadrants, and helps 94 percent of Fortune 500 companies thrive in an uncertain, high-risk world.
  • Secureworks
    • Secureworks is a leading global cybersecurity company that keeps organizations safe in a digitally connected world. We combine visibility from thousands of clients, artificial intelligence and automation from our industry-leading Secureworks Counter Threat Platform™, and actionable insights from our team of elite researchers and analysts to create a powerful network effect that provides increasingly strong protection for our clients. By aggregating and analyzing data from any source, anywhere, we prevent security breaches, detect malicious activity in real time, respond rapidly, and predict emerging threats.
  • VMware
  • VMware, a global leader in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology, accelerates digital transformation by enabling unprecedented freedom and flexibility in how customers build and evolve IT environments. In a world where software creates unlimited possibilities, VMware is helping organizations improve business agility by modernizing data centers and integrating public clouds, drive innovation with modern apps, create exceptional experiences by empowering the digital workspace, and safeguard customer trust by transforming security.

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