Viral Sarahah App Steals Your Entire Contact List

Beware! The most famous and Viral Sarahah App Steals Your Entire Contact List without letting you know. Intercept has released a report in which it revealed that Sarahah application was caught in an act of gathering private Application.

Viral Sarahah App Steals Your Entire Contact List

An anonymous messaging app, Sarahah is became famous for messaging people with out letting them know your name. Many people used it for harassing people other gave productive feedback to others. Sarahah launched by Arabic programmer spread like fire in couple of weeks.

Zachary Julian, a senior security examiner at Bishop Fox installed this App on his Samsung Galaxy S5. His phone has an exception that Zachary had BURP Suite pre-introduced on the telephone which screens movement coming in and leaving the handset.

Email & Telephone Numbers are Transferred to Server of Sarahah App

When he started this Application he discovered that his information including his telephone numbers and email was transferred to the server of Sarahah App. On iOS, a message pop up which requests the authorization to get contacts.

After this story was published at Intercept, 25 Year old programmer ,Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, told that application requests contacts so it can discover your friends. He added that application do not store any data in data base.

He highlighted that:

I couldn’t make it to the application in time because of some specialized issues alongside the way that his partner whom he had quit working with should deal with expelling this issue from the application

Whether Sarahah steals data or not, this story is a lesson for everyone. It shows that many people download applications without knowing its insights and privacy concerns. Zain may be rightly giving the purpose behind stealing data however we can never be sure about it.

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