Virtual Reality Headsets Now a Reality in Pakistan, has introduced VR Headsets in Pakistan, as it is one of the leading online tech stores, expecting to see sales on their website take VR from vogue to trend.

Virtual Reality Headsets Now a Reality in Pakistan

A virtual reality headset proceeds you inside the setting you are seeing, practically making you a part of the environment by precariously forming sensual experiences. Imagine watching movies, playing games and exploring cities around the world in environments that are immersive, almost genuine, with the help of your smartphone and a VR headset.

VR experiences are harvesting across the internet comprising:

  • Climbing Mount Everest
  • A journey to meet Earth’s earliest residents
  • Experience the moon landing

VR headsets is a dream come true for gamers. This is only one application, with potential usage of the technology on a macro level in areas such as education and training, architecture, urban planning, design and medicine. The famous VR headsets in the world are those prepared by Oculus, which are made explicitly for calm gamers. The whole potential of the technology is yet to be discovered. has gone a step further than marketing in Pakistan. The online store, on its first anniversary of operations, which features several headsets, has turn up with an attractive offer; VR headsets, for free.

The company has declared it will be giving away 10,000 headsets absolutely free in an effort to embolden mass acceptance and sponsor content formation for these gadgets in Pakistan, as part of the #VRPakistancampaign. To get a VR headset customers just have to visit, add the product to their cart before they run out of VR headsets and check out.

The free headsets will be available in three sets on Friday, January 15, 2016, at the following times:

  • 4,000 headset giveaways at 12.00am
  • 2,000 headset giveaways at 03.00pm
  • 2,000 headset giveaways at 08.00pm

The left over 2,000 headsets are set to be disseminated at schools and colleges across Karachi.

Since the company’s launch Virtual reality has gradually developed in Pakistan, but Pakistani content for virtual reality devices has not grown at a same stride a negated expects to fill with this promotion.

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