vivo X70 Pro Brings Forth a Captivating Photography Experience

Life is all about making memories. Many of us remember collecting pebbles, leaves, shells, and sticks as personal souvenirs from a beloved holiday but have you ever visited a place that has an everlasting impact? A place or perhaps a brief moment in time that you want to remember as is? In that moment, you realize that no number of keepsakes can ever compensate for that experience. So, as you leave, you turn around for a final glance, hoping to freeze that frame in mind for the rest of your life. The feeling is a complex mixture of nostalgia, peace, and happiness but isn’t that also the precise description of photographs? This is perhaps the most joyous gift of camera technology- the fusion of logic and emotions. Brands like vivo have been constantly researching and developing camera technology for consumers so they may relive their favorite memories anytime, as clear as ever. With vivo’s premium X series, photography has become more creative and worth exploring for everyone.

The brand has recently launched the X70 Pro in Pakistan with an ultimate photography system. With this smartphone, vivo has also continued its strategic partnership with ZEISS, a leader in the world of optics and optoelectronics for 175 years, to further demonstrate the photography prowess of the vivo ZEISS co-engineered Imaging System. The setup, a Quad Rear Camera array consists of a 50MP Ultra-Sensing Gimbal Camera, a 12MP 2X Portrait Camera, a 12MP Wide-Angle camera, and an 8MP 5X Periscope Camera.

Interestingly, the Ultra-Sensing Gimbal Camera significantly improves light intake and generates bright and clear snaps. Moreover, focusing on the subject has become simpler thanks to Gimbal Stabilization 3.0 that works swiftly and accurately to deliver stable images. What’s worth mentioning is that X70 Pro cameras meet the certified compliance to ZEISS T* Coating, with the recognizable ZEISS logo and ZEISS T* Coating label stamped on the rear camera. ZEISS T* Coating enhances the image quality and restores the colors of a subject thanks to the remarkably improved transmission rate of visible light.

vivo X70 Pro cameras

The X70 Pro cameras perfectly click photos at any point of the day. While daytime photography is being explored with different features, vivo’s camera technology has also been setting benchmarks in night photography.

Real-Time Extreme Night Vision assists in taking clear shots. On using the Night Mode, everything looks brighter instantly in real-time previews, maintaining the background colors on the image. The X70 Pro camera system is not only limited to night scene photography but also boasts of stable and clear videography with the Super Night Video feature that reduces background noise and enhances the brightness. Coupled with the benefits of ZEISS T* Coating, the Pure Night View feature allows the user to document the beauty of the night by reducing reflectivity and eliminating stray light.

In addition to technical camera features, vivo’s imaginative and in-depth understanding of consumer needs has also led to the introduction of the ZEISS Style Portrait with the X70 Pro.

The ZEISS Style Portrait is a culmination of four distinctive ZEISS lenses that guarantee an enjoyable experience for both photographer and subject. The lenses, Biotar, Distagon, Planar, and Sonnar, act as a canvas for the imagination of the photographer, each providing a unique touch. The ZEISS Biotar showcases a beautiful swirly rotational bokeh that it introduces into the background at wider apertures. Featuring a natural vignette and low distortion focus, the Distagon gives an anamorphic look to the subject. Synonymous with portrait photography, the ZEISS Planar lens brings out the best in a subject, even in low-light situations, and finally, the Sonnar mode, known for its creamy effect, is best suited for environmental and street portraits thanks to the wider aperture that produces a beautiful bokeh.

vivo X70 Pro is also equipped with superior design features

While photography remains the star of the smartphone, vivo X70 Pro is also equipped with superior design features that make for an excellent purchase. Assembled in a Cloud Valley arrangement, all-new fluorite AG coating also offers a comfortable hold free from fingerprints. vivo X70 Pro’s curved edge screen is a sleek 7.9mm and weighs a mere 183g. The smartphone is available for purchase in varying color schemes of Cosmic Black and Aurora Dawn, designed to fulfill the requirements of every customer.


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