Lens Maker ZEISS Teams Up with Vivo For a Perfect Camera Phone

The German optics manufacturer ZEISS has announced a partnership with a Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo to enable another level of creativity. Lens Maker ZEISS Teams Up with Vivo For a Perfect Camera Phone.

Both brands are renowned for exceptional camera performance and innovation in their industries. ZEISS and Vivo announced their newly formed partnership by posting a small message with a slight teaser image poster, which displayed a Vivo device with the Zeiss branding underneath the camera lens module. It suggests that the global smartphone manufacturer Vivo will include the ZEISS’ popular lens technology for its upcoming smartphones’ cameras.

Lens Maker ZEISS Teams Up with Vivo For a Perfect Camera Phone

The collaboration between a smartphone brand and an optics manufacturer is not new in the industry and has proved to be a great success in the past. It started with ZEISS and Nokia’s collaboration in the mid-2000s which provided an exceptional photography performance to its users. The Nokia PureView 808 was specifically noteworthy for providing users with technology to capture images that had exceptional detail.

Another example of successful collaboration between smartphone and optics manufacturers was of Huawei and Leica, an iconic camera maker. They collaborated in 2016 and since then all of Huawei’s flagships like Huawei P9 were launched as part of the partnership with Leica, coinciding with Huawei’s rise to eminence as a major photography powerhouse.

However, the level of collaboration between Leica and Huawei was not similar to that of ZEISS and Nokia. At the time Nokia brand was switched to multiple companies like HMD Global and Microsoft, its partnership with ZEISS moved along. Throughout the years, Nokia’s camera performance remained commendable. So, we can expect a similar outcome from Vivo and the lens manufacturers’ partnership.

In the selfie era, Vivo has already achieved the position of selfie camera leader. Now, with ZEISS we expect it to revamp its rear camera. This collaboration will help Vivo to accomplish its goal of being an innovative smartphone brand that delivers a great experience to its customers by meeting their needs.

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The two brands have not disclosed their partnership details yet. But we can say that collaborating with ZEISS could be potentially huge for Vivo and chance to bring even better camera system.

The Vivo smartphone with ZEISS’ optical technology is expected to outshine all brands in the industry and we cannot wait to see the outcome of this collaboration in the shape of Vivo’s upcoming smartphone.

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