Volume Timer | APP of the day | 17th Mar, 2017

APP of the day | Volume Timer

This program is based on smartphone app review, where we’ll discuss apps and their amazing features.

Today we are going to review – Volume Timer

Have you ever forgot to turn volume on after getting out of work, school, cinema, meeting, church? We have an app exactly for you!

Our app lets you to turn volume on automatically after a volume timer is done!

1. When you turn off your volume Volume Timer pop-up window will show.
2. Here you set a time when volume will turn back on.
3. After that you don’t have to worry about anything as the timer will turn on volume automatically.

Today we are going to review – Volume Timer

Automatically change your ringtone, notification sound, sound system, the size specified by the timer can be repeated each day.
You can set up Wi-Fi, Touch Tone, Bluetooth, mobile network ON / OFF optional features.

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