VR & 360-degree Videos will Help you to Experience Movies from Inside the Screens

With the help of a new technology, now people will be able to enter the scene and watch the action happen around them, rather than viewing a picture on the screen. This is what Virtual Reality and 360-degree video assures to offer its viewers. The indication is to make you feel like you are in the film.

VR & 360-degree Videos will Help you to Experience Movies from Inside the Screens

YouTube and Vimeo already give some VR films. Both pros and laypersons have prepared these varieties of movies. To view, people wear affluent headsets that cover their eyes and ears.

Many individuals use their smartphones, placed in a specific cardboard box which is inexpensive as compared to VR films. Google sells the cases for $15.

But with 360-degree recording, there is an issue. If audiences looked away from the main action on their headset and “turned around,” they could see the team shooting the movie. To resolve this problem a sham film “mockumentary” was made. With the help of this the film making also becomes the portion of the story.

The VR headsets are also being used to watch films that let individuals to travel all over the world without leaving home. A corporation named YouVisit has movies that can be used to promote trips. It can also facilitate individuals who are unable to travel but want to sense the experience of visiting places.

But still its too early to tell whether these technologies will transform the movie industry or not. Theater proprietors are not quick enough to invest a huge amount of money in devices that might be short-lived.

Though the movie theater business faces hard rivalry from home theater systems, online streaming and piracy. Altering the way people see movies in a theater might give a new life to the business. Theaters may have a positive prospect if they can offer a movie experience that people won’t be able to witness at home.

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