Tech Revolution: VR Handset to Relieve Mothers During Delivery Pains

Childbirth is one of the most painful procedure women have to endure. To get rid of this painful and stressful procedure women experience epidural and spinal injections during labor. These both have their side effects and are a form of anesthesia that block out the pain from labor. There is a good news for all expecting women and frightened to go through whole process. Tech Revolution: VR Handset to Relieve Mothers During Delivery Pains.

Dr. Ralph Anderson is working in Orange Regional Medical Center in Middle-town, New York. He has started using Virtual reality handsets to calm his patients during delivery. Virtual reality is completely drug-free, making it safer than getting an epidural. He proved that it reduces levels of pains. He has created this technique to make this natural process to be a bearable child birth experience.

Tech Revolution: VR Handset to Relieve Mothers During Delivery Pains

According to Dr. Ralph Anderson it is very hard to manage discomfort during labor time. Due to this discomfort he decided to pave ways for women to get an easy delivery by minimizing this patient’s discomfort.

Anderson Said:

I wanted to make their experience better. I started using this device mainly around the office with my staff, but my idea all along was to find a way to use it in the hospital

Giving Birth on VR Beach:

This technology was tested on patient Erin Martucci. She was equipped with a Samsung gear VR which was pre-programmed. It had a scene related to guided meditation experience. Instead of bearing extremely high pains at hospital room, she was sent to relaxing beach vista by using VR handset. There she calmed herself by hearing soothing music, a crashing waterfall and the chipping of birds. Occasionally, a voice would ask her to concentrate on particular elements of the experience. It wasn’t long before she was told she was ready to push.

She couldn’t believe that delivering a baby would be so easy. The patient had blocked almost all of her pain by concentrating on virtual reality. She didn’t even notice that it had almost been two hours since she put the VR headgear.

According to Anderson in a typical room women only focuses on pain making it more painful for them to deliver a baby. With VR handset patient is moved to an experience where she is constantly distracted and coached by a technology. This was a very wonderful and successful experience.

Anderson firm believe lead patients to get a wonderful experience during the process which was previously horrifying. He believes that doctors should be innovators and early adopters of new things. He believes that Virtual Reality is an area of immense opportunity for medical field.

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