Waiting for 5G? Samsung is working on 6G

When 5G was in news and blogs, people were anxiously waiting for this fifth generation cellular network technology. Though the launch of 5g is slow and was able to make in only a few countries, device markets were all set to welcome the technology by launching their 5G devices in advance. Some dynamic smartphone companies took 5G as a challenge and started working on it even before the network is launched. However, there is another progressive company who is already working on 6G technology. The company is no other than Samsung- one of the largest tech giant globally. Samsung 6G research shows its ambitions to become the largest smartphone giant globally.


Samsung Is Getting Ahead of the Game With Its Research Into 6G

It should be noted here that Samsung was the first one to launch the 5G smartphone, Galaxy S10 5G. It is already expanding its 5G services but at the same time researching, 6G is an appraisal.

Samsung is foreseeing its future and in order to so, it has formed the Advanced Communications Research Center. This news was revealed in a report by The Korea Herald. under

This research centre will focus on 6G development. Regarding this, the Samsung official said that:

“The current team on telecommunications technology standards has been expanded to start leading research on the 6G network,”

Many would be thinking its too much early to be working on 6G when 5G is not able to reach all the markets. However, let’s not forget that R&D takes a lot of time. So when we will enjoy 5G, the researchers would be working on bringing 6G for us.


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