Warid Launched its Website in Urdu


Warid Launched its Website in Urdu

Warid have completed its seven successful years in Pakistan and is beginning an exciting eights one. In these seven years since Warid Telecom has launched in Pakistan, it has gone from its conceptual infancy stage to a challenger, and finally is moving forward to become a force. Warid have expanded in every single way.

Warid has recently initiated a new service for its valuable customers. Warid has launched the Urdu version of its website. One of the reason of this facility was that Urdu is our national language plus the majority of Pakistanis have better understanding of Urdu better than English.

Warid is a GSM, LTE based mobile operator in Pakistan. Warid is the seventh mobile carrier to enter in the Pakistani market. Warid is Pakistan’s fourth largest GSM mobile service provider and fifth largest mobile service in terms of subscriber base of over 12.9 million. It has a market share of 9% among cellular operators

To view the URDU website CLICK HERE

Warid always amuses its customers by providing amazing and exciting services.

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