Warid offers Unlimited Facebook & WhatsApp

Warid offers Unlimited Facebook & WhatsApp

Warid presents an amazing Facebook and WhatsApp bundle – Both applications are accessible through their respective applications depending on the handset model and the best part of these applications is that there is no need to download any third party applications and is as easy as sending an SMS to the contact list.

[info]Mechanics:[/info] SMS FW in an SMS to 7777 and enjoy Unlimited access to both Facebook and WhatsApp

[info]Charges:[/info] Warid Prepaid Customers: Rs. 0.99 per day
Rs. 1+t will apply on all SMS sent to 7777

[info]Terms & Conditions:[/info] [list style=”list4″ color=”blue”]
  • *Going on external links to view articles, photos and videos will be charged as per your data plan
  • This offer is limited to all Glow and Warid Prepaid Subscribers only
  • Use of any proxies or mobile browsers which by default are proxy browsers (for example Nokia Xpress) may result in data charging
  • Subscriber may get charged for other mobile phone applications consuming data in the background. This can be controlled by turning off such applications.

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