Warid Starts Offering 3G Services

Warid starts offering 3G services for its customers. Back in December 2014, Warid Telecom officially launched its 4G/LTE services. But now after its merger with Mobilink, Warid has also started offering 3G services to those areas who don’t have access to 4G. As Mobilink already has 3G license.

Warid Starts Offering 3G Services

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The merger of Mobilink and Warid was signed back in November, 2015 by the parent companies of both operators. After all the approvals, Warid is now a subsidiary of Mobilink. The transaction of the merger was completed in July 2016. As a result of the merger Aamir Ibrahim became the CEO of Mobilink-Warid.

Over the years, Warid Telecom has developed a reputation for breaking new ground in Pakistan’s mobile landscape.

The company is taking numerous revolutionary steps to offer the most advanced technologies and maintain its image in the telecom industry.

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  • Well. without whole mechanism of activating 3G services on Warid, This post is useless.

    For prepaid *443#
    For postpaid *446#

    Choose Activate 3G or Call Helpline 321 for real-time activation

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