Wateen Announces Their Summer Reactivation Offer

In an effort to re-engage customer loyalty, Wateen Telecom is offering a free of charge facility to inactive subscribers so that they can re-activate their accounts. An additional part of this offer is the discount being offered on line rent for the first three months.

This is probably one of the most feasible times for a re-activation offer to be initiated by Wateen. The reason for this is the time of summer and the fact that the majority of students will be on holiday, wanting to use the Internet.

If you also think you fit the criteria of not having used your Wateen device since 31st March 2012, you can also get your account re-activated without any applicable charges. In addition to this a 50% discount will be given on the line rent for the first three months of availing this offer. After this time period, standard charges will be applicable and regular line rent will be put in to play.

Something that should be noted, is the fact that all line rents on all WiMAX packages are now charged with Rs. 50 extra per month.


To Re-activate your account:

  • Call Wateen helpline 111-365-111 or visit your nearest Wateen Business Center / Franchise.
  • Once your device and account details have been verified, you will be contacted by Wateen representatives.
  • No activation charges will apply & 50 % off on line rent for first 3 months after that our normal monthly line rent will be charged.
  • This is a limited time offer.
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