Best Ways to Beat Your Smartphone Addiction

Smartphones have become the essential part of our lives. We all tend to spend so much time on looking at the screen of our phones. But if the first thing you do in the morning is checking your phone before even getting out of bed. At dinner table if you constantly check text messages, emails, Tweets and Facebook updates then you may addicted to your smartphone.

Best Ways to Beat Your Smartphone Addiction

Here are some tips to manage your smartphone addiction. Even if you think that you are not an addict then must share this blog with someone who is probably addicted to his/her phone.

Manage the first 30 minutes of your day:

The most crucial thing you need to minimize is stop checking your phone before doing anything else in the morning. To avoid this problem you better do something productive like freshening up, taking 10 minutes to meditate, stretch or preparing a healthy breakfast.You can use your cellphone as an alarm clock but don’t get stick to it soon after opening your eyes.

Don’t take your phone everywhere:

Smartphone addicts literally have their phones everywhere. They even take their phones to the most private room know to men called bathroom. Consider the vast amounts of bathroom germs crawling on your phone. You would surely not like this.

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Set no-phone time zones:

Your smartphone can make you very unproductive at times. They can be the biggest distracting thing. Therefore, create “no phone time zone” at-least twice a day and go for something else like reading a book.

You can also switch off your phone during your working hours so that you can stay completely dedicated to the work in front of you.

Time to get real:

Cut-down virtual friends,conversations and try to meet your friends in person. Its really weird to ignore the person sitting next to you and connect with virtual people over Facebook, Twitter, and text messages.

Turn off cellular data and wifi:

Now a days we commonly interact with each other by using social media platforms. By turning off the wifi and cellular data,you’ll still be able to make calls and send simple text messages.You just won’t be able to refresh your email inbox, or check Instagram or Facebook, which are the really distracting things on your smartphone.

Now its your turn to follow these tips and stop your smartphone to  dictate your life.


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