Waze New Update Lets You Send Directions from your Computer to Phone 

Waze, the Google Owned app is including new features on and off to make itself popular among people. We have come across a new feature that reveals that soon Waze new Update will allow users to send directions directly from their computer to phone.

The overall process to carry on this task is quite a user friendly and almost everyone would be able to understand it on the go. All you need to do is to initially log in to Waze on your phone and later on log in to Waze on the desktop browser by scanning a QR code with the camera of your device. Now take the help of the browser to get the direction wherever you want to go.

Waze New Update: Now Send Directions from your Computer to Phone Directly

Once you have got this, find the button to save these directions to the app. By clicking on this button, you will get the notification on your phone from Waze. To start the direction on your phone, you need to tap on the notifications.

This feature is new for Waze however for Google Maps it’s an old feature as it had launched it a long time back with the same functionality. This feature in Waze will be launched for both Android and iOS users who will be able to send their directions from their computers to their mobile devices.

Moreover, this is not the only feature launched by the company. Waze is working on adding the ability to view saved locations on the web. It means now users will not have to manually type the address for things like home, favorite coffee shop if these locations are saved on their Waze Mobile app.

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