WDD to Launch Online Digital Magazine Focusing on Socio-economic Empowerment of Women

There is a saying, “Behind every successful man, there is a woman”. In today’s modern times the role of woman has expanded many folds and now she is not only behind the success of a man but she also plays an important role in the success of a nation. Women are an integral part of any society who play an important role in the development of a country. Therefore, they should be provided with platforms to utilize their talents and improve their standard of living. Unfortunately, that is not the case in Pakistan. Social spaces of expression for women have increasingly been squeezed in Pakistan over the years. However soon Women are going to have a new platform to get motivated and to express themselves. Women Development Department Punjab is all set to launch first Online Digital Magazine today, with a sole purpose of empowering women. The Online Digital Magazine would inform online readers about day to day activities of WDD encompassing various programs and projects for economic empowerment of women.

WDD to Launch Online Digital Magazine Today

This Magazine will lead to socio-economic empowerment of women by building innovative and sustainable linkages between women and policymakers. The magazine will help in encompassing WDD’s initiatives while highlighting substantive measures taken in Pakistan for women empowerment. Moreover, the Magazine will also accommodate inspirational success stories of women so that it will also motivate other women.

Some awareness guides will also be part of this magazine which will definitely help in women empowerment in different sectors. The name Aurat Baikhtiyar clearly showcases that the main goal behind this magazine is to make women of Pakistan empowered in all the sectors of Pakistan.

Fizza Atique

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