Weather Forecasts become more Reliable by U.S. Satellite GOES R

As our technological advancement is consistently gearing towards a more predictable future, the weather remains an important variable that needs to be disclosed accurately. All our day-to-day planning makes use of the available data. It becomes imperative that the weather forecasts become more reliable.

 Weather Forecasts become more Reliable by U.S. Satellite GOES R

On Saturday 19 November the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA)most reliable and accurate weather satellite, GOES R is scheduled to be launched to space. GOES-R is designed in a way that it can improve forecasts for severe weather events, from hurricanes to tornadoes and solar storms.

Amazingly, GOES R can accurately scan the entire hemisphere in 5 minutes.

Promptly, GOES R can update the weather forecast every 30 seconds.

Worlds most advanced digital camera

According to meteorologists, this satellite GOES R will revolutionize how the weather is forecasted. It is augmented with;

  • GOES R will enable scientists to encounter constantly changing weather conditions,       by allowing the spacecraft to take pictures every 30 seconds
  •  the Global Lightning Mapper–tracking all sorts of lightning hazards
  •  the world’s most advanced digital weather camera named Advanced Baseline Imager gives an image with a resolution of pixels four times bigger than any of the satellites previously used by NOAA.

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More Detailed Weather 

The satellite GOES R will also project forecasters with more detailed information like;

  1. 16 channels, or “bands” beamed back to Earth, compared to the present satellite that captures 5 bands.
  2.  meteorologists will be aware of the atmosphere’s volcanic ash and dust availability.
  3. how much water vapor is in the air.
  4. other variables like a snowstorm or a thunderstorm.
 Airlines can effectively utilize the capabilities of GOES R to choose fuel-efficient routes across the globe. Many national and private events can be accordingly planned. Disasters caused by weather hazards can be controlled to some extent by taking necessary measures.

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